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Low sex drive in men

Men with no sex drive can get help at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

Sexual desire disorders, also known as Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) and also diagnosed as sexual aversion disorder (SAD), having a low sex drive is a serious concern and is an under-diagnosed group of medical disorders, both physical and psychological that can affect men and women, either directly or indirectly.

NovaGenix located at 609 N. Hepburn ave suite 106, Jupiter, Florida 33458 can help men who are suffering from a decreased sex drive with several treatment options.

It’s extremely common in men, but something that few want to discuss. Having a decreased sex drive or low libido, is a typical problem for men, especially as we age. Many men feel that their “virility” is closely tied to their manhood and that if they no longer have a desire to have sex, that there must be a problem with them and their masculinity.  There’s a common idea that real men “want it” all the time, however it turns out that there may be many underlying reasons as to why a man may have a decreased desire to have sex. It turns out that lots of guys will suffer from having a low sex drive, for many different reasons and fortunately there’s many ways to treat it. At NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida, we treat men who have decreased sex drives and erectile dysfunction all the time. We have helped hundreds of patients suffering from sexual dysfunction with great results.

low sex drive in men can be helped at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

Men with no libido can get help with treatment options at NovaGenix

What Causes Low Sex Drive in Men?

A wide variety of issues may be responsible for a decreased libido in men, some of these issues could be physical or hormonal and some might be psychological in nature. Often, it’s a combination of both that are the cause.

Some of the physical issues that may cause having a low libido for men include having sub optimal or low testosterone levels, taking certain prescription medications, going to the gym either too little or too much, and the consumption of alcohol and recreational drug use. Some of the psychological issues could include depression, high stress, or problems with their partner or relationship.

A big culprit for guys having zero interest in sex is when they have low testosterone. As men age, they typically lose anywhere from 1-2% of their testosterone annually and by time men hit their 40s, it becomes noticeable. TRT or testosterone replacement therapy as it’s known, is a common and effective solution to the problem and can be very safe when done under the guidance of a licensed and experienced physician. To test for low T is simple and we can help test, diagnose and treat patients for Low Testosterone. It often involves a non invasive physical exam, brief history with a physician and a blood test to determine your testosterone levels to start TRT.

TRT can help burn fat, build muscle, increase sexual desire and performance including one’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. This creates a cascading effect on both men and their partners as the man is more confident and their partner becomes more attracted and aroused by them. This leads to sex becoming more frequent and enjoyable as a result and both partners feeling intimate, closer and happier. It’s usually not just one issue that causes low libido for men. If you’re worried because your sex drive has dropped, schedule a time to speak to experts like the medical team a NovaGenix who are experts in men’s health. Call 561-277-8260 to schedule a free initial consultation and evaluation.

how to arouse a man with low testosterone

Having no libido is a common occurrence and NovaGenix can help

How Is Low Sex Drive Treated in Men?

With some many possible causes of having a Low Sex Drive, treatments may vary but could include:

  • Making Healthier lifestyle choices can improve overall health and hormone levels. If a man improves their diet, gets regular exercise and does strength training like weightlifting, reduces stress, avoids alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs, gets more sleep, they may notice an improvement in their libido.
  • Talk to your doctor about changing any medications that may be contributing to a decreased libido.
  • Look into starting TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy).
  • Therapy or Sex counseling may be an excellent option as well.

In some cases a doctor may recommend psychological or sexual therapy. Couples therapy can be very helpful and offers insight into the problems. History of past sexual assault or abuse may play factors as might problematic past relationships that had lasting negative effects. Often, having a decreased low libido could indicate a need or desire for a man to have a closer connection with their partner, not just one that’s sexual, but still intimate which will increase their desire to connect physically. It often helps to talk through these difficult issues with a licensed and experienced therapist. Some men need to start therapy alone but eventually decide to bring their partner. Being able to share their experiences needs and desires is an important part of moving forward with treatment. If depression is a cause, some medications may help. Unfortunately, many antidepressants actually lower your sex drive, so it’s important to discuss all medications you take with the doctor to help determine the cause and possible solutions for having a low sex drive.

Erectile Dysfunction and Low Sex Drive in Men

ED is a very common problem closely tied to a low sex drive

There is some overlap between having a reduced desire to engage in sexual activity and erectile dysfunction. Some of the causality may be related as there could be physiological and psychological reasons behind both issues. Medications like or Viagra and l or Cialis may help a man achieve and maintain an erection strong enough for sexual intercourse, but it may not help their libido.

A man’s libido, or sex drive, will vary from one person to the next. It should be noted that having a decreased sex drive may not necessarily be a problem for everyone, however when a person wants to raise their libido, they may wish to try a few different effective natural methods to see what may work best for them.

When a man has a low sex drive it may cause relationship problems that lead to anxiety which can then cause problems in other areas of their life, like work, school, with family etc…

This adversely affects their self esteem and confidence which may only exacerbate the diminished sex drive. Whether its stress that has originated from work or a man’s lifestyle or anxiety related specifically to sex, the outcomes overlap and continue to cause problems for a man and decrease their desire to have sex.

Anxiety and Depression Can Lead to a Low Sex Drive for Men

how to increase sex drive in men

Anxiety can lead to a decreased desire for sexual activity in men

There’s lots of things that men and women can do to help manage anxiety and improve their well being, and reduce anxiety and stress which might include:

  • planning special romantic date nights and spend quality time with each other.
  • doing fun things together outside of the bedroom, to strengthen their bond.
  • Working on improving honesty and open communication in their relationship.
  • Meet with a counselor or a therapist to learn techniques that may help rekindle your romantic interest in one another
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Do things for yourself, like exercising regularly and taking time out for hobbies and friends
  • Have a healthy well-balanced diet
  • work to improve personal relationships. By focusing on ways to improve their relationship, people may be able to increase their partner’s low sex drive. By working together, and even talking to a counselor or therapist, there are techniques that may be beneficial in improving libido.
  • Having better sex might increase a person’s desire to have sex, helping to increase their libido. In most cases, man and their partner can improve their sexual relationship by taking extra time to improve their love making by spending more time caressing and touching, kissing, experimenting with sex toys, and engaging in new positions and trying oral sex. For women, foreplay is an extremely important part of sex and determining factor in their overall sexual satisfaction. Based on studies performed in 2017, very few women can climax without external touching and foreplay. In fact, only around 18% of females can reach orgasm from just having intercourse, whereas 33.6% of women reported that stimulating the clitoris is needed in order for them to reach orgasm.
how to increase interest in sex

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