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Low T Clinic West Palm

Low T Clinic in West Palm Beach Florida

Whats The Best Low T Clinic in West Palm Beach?

NovaGenix treats men with andropause in and around the West Palm Beach area. We just a short 10 min drive away. You can enjoy lunch on Clematis or Rosemary Square at CityPlace and be in our office in no time! With a 5 star rating, NovaGenix is the best TRT clinic in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Our testosterone replacement therapy reviews for NovaGenix speak volumes about the Top Low T Clinic in Palm Beach! What separates us from the other HRT Clinics in Palm Beach is that we have experience in bio-identical hormone therapy and have helped men for close to 20 years.

How can you increase testosterone without medication?

Send us an email and we can shoot you over an e-book which can help you naturally boost testosterone levels. Men with Low T can try several things to raise their testosterone, but for many men, TRT is the best option. There are Foods to raise testosterone and T boosting supplements that can help, but typically Hormone replacement therapy is the only way that men can raise their levels to the point where they get the true health benefits from being the optimal upper ranges.


How to know if you have low testosterone.

Testosterone levels can be determined through a blood test to check for Free and Total Testosterone as well as Estradiol, or E2 which is converted from aromatase. The doctor will also do a CBC and CMP as well as a PSA test and possibly more. After a physical exam with our doctor and a complete medical history and questionnaire, we can determine if you suffer from andropause or “Low T.” The good news is that if you live in West Pam Beach, you can get treatment for hypogonadism and improve the way you feel.


Low T Clinic in West Palm Beach at NovaGenix for BHRT

TRT Side Effects

As with any medication, there could be possible side effects with TRT, but with an experienced physician who is knowledgeable about testosterone prescriptions, the potential risks can be monitored and minimized. Some patients could experience oily skin and acne, mild fluid retention, increased urination, stimulation of prostate tissue, increased risks of blood clots and breast enlargement. If a patient begins to experience side effects, the medication dosage can be adjusted. We have the best TRT Doctor in West Palm Beach, so if you’re looking for a Low T Clinic in West Palm Beach, we have you covered!

TRT Bfore and After

Many patients come to us with typical signs of low T. They’re overweight and tired. They lack energy and motivation. They say they fell run down and wish they had the sex drive that they used to have. After they start TRT, many patients will begin to notice the difference in their sleep patterns, mood, energy and libido. They start to lose weight (body fat) and gain lean muscle. Many men ask “How long before I see results from TRT?” The truth is its different for everyone, but eventually they will become noticeable.

Low T Symptoms

Men with testosterone levels in the lower ranges may experience some of the following symptoms.

  • Reduced sex drive
  • Fatigue and a lack of energy
  • Less drive and motivation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Decreased muscle strength and mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Insomnia and poor sleep quality
Testosterone Replacement Therapy Costs

The costs for prescription testosterone replacement medication will vary from patient to patient. Dosage, strength and other medications will determine the costs. At NovaGenix, our all inclusive monthly costs will include all physician consultations, monitoring, blood work, medication, follow up exams, supplies and shipping. For an exact price we will need to know your protocol. At NovaGenix, we offer affordable TRT programs in West Palm Beach and the surrounding Treasure Coast. Our patients come from far and wide because of our expertise, integrity, knowledge and professionalism. We strive to set the standard of care that we would choose for our family and friends.

Low Testosterone Treatment Options

Patients who come in to see us and have medical exam and get a low T blood test and are diagnosed with Low Testosterone and decide that Low T Therapy in West Palm Beach at NovaGenix is the best option have several choices for treatment. The doctor may prescribe testosterone injections, or a testosterone cream. Testosterone medications like testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, or HcG. Testosterone gels come in strengths of 1-20%. An estrogen blocker like anastrozole will help keep E2 levels balanced as well. The doctor will go over all of the pros and cons decide the best testosterone treatment for each patient.

Testosterone Therapy Medications and Dosage

Depending on the type of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy option you decide upon, NovaGenix staff and our medical director will sit down and take our time to educate you and help you start therapy. If you decide to start taking a testosterone gel from a compounding pharmacy, it can be applied daily. The strength will be determined by what levels you are at and where you need to be. Testosterone injections will also vary in strength and dosage. The medication schedule will depend on the patient as well. Many men like to take medication weekly. Other prefer to take it every 3.5 days. The doctor will hep you determine the best TRT prescriptions for you.