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How To Test For Low T

How Do I Test for Low Testosterone?

How Do I Know If I Have Low Testosterone? 

At a certain point in most men’s lives, they lose a step and the thought creeps in? Do I have Low T? The answer is actually surprisingly easy to find out. With a simple ADAM questionnaire we can determine if you have the symptoms that may indicate a need for a blood test. At NovaGenix, we can help men test for Low T in Jupiter at our clinic. Our Board certified physician can help test, diagnose and treat low T in Palm Beach. There are many factors including a physical exam, blood test and past medical history to determine if there is a clinical diagnosis of Low T. 


The Adam Questionnaire for Low T

All you need to do is take a sample 10 question yes or no test to see if you have the symptoms of Low Testosterone. You can actually take it by clicking the link above that says TAKE THE LOW T TEST HERE. Testing for Low Testosterone is a simple and easy process at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida. Our TRT programs can help men check their hormone levels and get the help they need. The androgen deficiency in aging males test covers a list of symptoms most commonly associated with hypogonadism can help an experienced doctor evaluate and diagnose a patient. Andropause in men can be easily diagnosed and treated. Click the link below to learn more about the signs and symptoms of Low-T.


Blood Tests for Low Testosterone

A few simple tests will help you determine if your levels are actually low or not. A doctor will look at your free and total testosterone levels. The other tests would be a CMP and CBC as well as an estrogen and PSA test. The physician may require a few other exams to check liver, kidney and cardiac systems as well before making an appropriate diagnosis. The proper analysis of blood work will be performed by our doctor who will discuss i person the results with all patients to evaluate and determine if hormone replacement is appropriate and safe. Learn more about Low Testosterone Testing at the ink below.


What Does it Mean When Your Testosterone is Low?

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What does low testosterone cause?

In men, low T can cause many problems. Low energy and fatigue tops the list. Many men will often lose the drive and energy that used to define them. They’ll want to come home and nap, and cant find the motivation to go to the gym etc… Weight gain, often in the mid section, lack of muscle toe and definition, deceased libido, brain fog and lack of focus and insomnia are other symptoms. Having testosterone levels in the upper quartile will help improve these symptoms and improve their overall health. Low testosterone can cause a lack of enjoyment in life for men and TRT at NovaGenix in Jupiter can help men raise their hormone levels to look, live and feel better. Men with low Testosterone often report mood swings and irritability, so one of the most unexpected benefits is that men often improve their outlook and become happier and more fun to b around. And why wouldn’t they? hey feel better!

What causes low testosterone levels in men?

There are many factors which may cause Low T in men, so diagnosing low testosterone can be easy, yet finding the cause can be hard. Genetics, time of day, season, diet, medications, activity level and lifestyle are all causes of low T in men. Stress, sleep (or lack of) sexual activity, age, environmental exposure and illness will also cause men’s levels to rise or fall, (typically the fall) How Do I Test For Low Testosterone? It’s easy.To determine what you testosterone levels are is not tough…it usually requires a simple blood test. Finding out why testosterone levels are low is very hard. Unless there is an obvious cause, like an injury or testicle that did not descend, it may be impossible to narrow down and even if you do, fixing it can be impossible. Talk to an expert at NovaGenix in Jupiter to learn What Causes Low Testosterone in men and see what your options are today. If you want to learn more about How To Test for Low T in Palm Beach at NovaGenix, call us at 561-277-8260 today.

How can I boost testosterone levels naturally?

There are several things one can do to boost their testosterone levels. To raise T levels, one can evaluate their life and see where improvements can be made to help the body make more testosterone without drugs. Exercise will help, especially HIIT and Weight Lifting. It’s important to get plenty of rest in between sets, Diet is another area that will determine if your body will increase testosterone production. Fats and cholesterol as well as foods high in Zinc and Vitamin D are extremely helpful in terms of elevating your testosterone naturally. Tuna and Omega 3 rich foods are also great. Sleep will also improve testosterone in men. An extra hour can increase testosterone significantly, so get more rest. There are a few supplements on the market that may help, due to them containing vitamins and herbal extracts that may raise T levels, however all of the above mentioned items will only raise testosterone so much. You age, genetics and life style will dictate the rest.