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Successful weight loss programs near me in soith Florida

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One of the most
successful weight loss programs in the area, and also one of the best kept
secrets, is the NovaGenix Sheer contours weight loss program.  Physician
developed and medically supervised, our customized programs help provide a weight loss solution which can range from 15 to 25 pounds of weight
loss a month, depending on the individual. The best part is that many of our patients are
losing unwanted fat in those hard-to-reach areas, like the belly or love
handles while keeping muscle and this leads to a more toned and healthy

One of the reasons that the NovaGenix weight loss program is
so successful is because we understand why most diets and weight loss programs
fail at either losing weight or keeping it off. Often this can be attributed to
personal drive, discipline and willpower to stay with any weight loss program.
How often do you hear stories about people starting diets to only drop it
within two weeks. Our solution shows results immediately, with patients losing
up to a pound a day their first week, which helps encourage the continued
adherence to the program. When you see the results, it pushes you to not only
continue, but to work harder. Another reason that most of these diets
traditionally fail is due to variations in human biochemistry.  

it’s due to thyroid conditions, current prescription medications, lifestyle,
hormone imbalance, or other health factors, a one size fits all diet plan is
only going to work for a certain percentage of individuals and certainly fail
for others. Several diet plans that provide meals for example are helpful
for some people, but can be rather costly over time and often fall short when
it comes to patients maintaining any results that may have seen. Also there is
a noticeable difference in these programs as they may lose weight but not
inches. This means that they are also dropping muscle mass, so the scale says they’ve
lost weight but their overall size has not decreased. Our patients lose both
pounds AND inches.

How does our program work?

It works via a combination of approaches that helps maximize
potential weight loss for all of our patients based on their unique individual
needs.  So just what is our solution? Sheer contours NovaGenix weight loss
programs take into account several factors.  One is going to be counseling
to discuss lifestyle choices that may lead to better decisions on how to help
both lose and maintain weight loss.  Nutritional advice to help establish
healthy eating guidelines are a major part of this program.  We do not
encourage high restrictions on caloric intake. A 500 calorie a day plan is
doomed to fail. The reason these diets are destined to fail as they are almost
impossible to maintain both during and then again after. By making smarter
choices our patients never feel as if you’re on a starvation diet.  These diets
are both ineffective and unhealthy.  

Healthy exercise guidelines are also part of our
program.  You don’t necessarily have to be a professional athlete or
engage in a Military Boot Camp style exercise routine to see results.  We
guide you through various options which will encourage physical activity to
help achieve your weight-loss goals and create a healthier lifestyle. Exercise
is easier to maintain when it fits into your schedule and its something tht you
actually enjoy. 

Medication is also a powerful tool which when used correctly
helps patients safely and rapidly shed unwanted fat.  When administered as
part of a medically supervised protocol hCG for example can target specific
areas of body fat, in particular abnormal fat, which is difficult to get rid of
through traditional dieting and exercise.  Fat that can be found around
the midsection and hips, thighs and butt, back fat and love handles and more
are examples of those target areas that are difficult to deal with.  

used with metabolic stimulators and vitamins this year contours program allows
the human body to target fat cells which are traditionally stubborn to burn off
while maintaining muscle mass.  The increase of energy as a result will
help increase the metabolic rate and the emotional lift from the successful
results will accelerate the programs ability to help patients reach their goals. 
Any prescription medication will be written by a board licensed medical doctor
and require an in person physical exam to determine whether it is right for
you. Your health is our #1 priority. The NovaGenix Sheer Contours weight loss
program will help you lose not just pounds but inches and provide you with the
tools needed to keep the weight off and start living a healthier, more active

For more information about what we do and to talk to one of
our medical experts you can call 561-277-8260 to schedule an appointment and
find out how we can help you lose weight to optimize your Health so that you
can look, feel and live better today. 

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