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Testosterone Therapy for Men

Testosterone levels slowly drop in men as they get older. Testosterone levels decline when men reach their mid 20’s and drops by 1 to 2 percent every year. Signs of Low T could be weight gain, reduction of libido, increased difficulty achieving and maintaining erections, irritability and mood swings, loss of muscle tone, a general lack of energy and overall fatigue, insomnia and lack of quality sleep, increased depression and lack of self confidence. For a very large number of men suffering from low T, also known as Andropause (Low testosterone is sometimes known as male menopause), some men may begin to notice increasing problems in the bedroom or that they’re starting to have issues with erectile dysfunction (ED PE). Having a hormonal imbalance isn’t something most men are prepared to treat, but there’s help for those who want to be able to boost their T levels. If you’d like to learn how you can raise your testosterone with TRT, we can help. Call NovaGenix Stuart today at (561) 277-8260 for info on testosterone therapy in Martin County. Patients who come in to see us and have medical exam and get a low T blood test and are diagnosed with Low Testosterone and decide that Low T Therapy in Stuart/ Martin County at NovaGenix is the best option have several choices for treatment.

Hormone replacement therapy for women

Natural hormone replacement therapy for women in Stuart at NovaGenix can help women balance their hormone levels. Besides helping to alleviate symptoms of Low Estrogen, Progesterone or Testosterone because of Menopause, bio-identical hormone replacement can also help patients in the process of anti-aging, help to improve memory and mood, improve sex drive and performance and help to create an overall sense of well-being and improve how women feel. BHRT can certaily help treat women for these symptoms and more. NovaGenix medical director, has practiced Internal medicine in South Florida for close to 20 years. After being in private practice for a few years he was disappointed with the results that he was getting using traditional /conventional medicine. As he was tired of treating his patients with drugs in order to help mask and treat the symptoms of chronic diseases, he discovered how hormone replacement therapy can help get people OFF of medications by addressing the underlying CAUSES of these chronic health conditions. He began to focus on preventative wellness and anti -aging through hormone therapy full time. He has helped countless women regulate and balance their hormone levels so that they can feel better and live well again.

Medically supervised weight loss programs

At NovaGenix, we know just how important weight loss is to you. With our weight loss program in palm beach and martin county, our medical experts use a comprehensive weight reduction system, that’s we personalize for each patient, that’s designed by our medical director, who’s been treating patients in South Florida for weight loss for years with a proven tract record of success. We take into account all of your personal goals, body type, lifestyle choices and metabolism and then we will craft the ideal program for you. Whether you are looking for weight loss medication, like appetite suppressants or HcG, or just need help with exercise and diet, you’ll want a weight loss center that works with you. At NovaGenix Medical Weight Loss in Stuart Florida, we have your solution. Give us a call to learn more about all of the options that we have. Our goal is for you to not just lose weight but to keep the weight off. We’re there for our patients and and base our success on how well we can help you reach your goals. Losing weight can be tough. Its a hard goal to achieve that most people will try and fail at. More than a third of all adults living in the U.S. suffer from chronic health problems due to obesity.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction or ED PE affects millions of men in the U.S. Besides the obvious physical limitations with their sex life, there’s psychological issues associated with ED that causes depression and leads to a lack of confidence. It’s not just the men who suffer, but so do their wives or girlfriends and this often puts additional stress on relationships. For men who are getting older or starting to suffer from ED, there are solutions that we can help you out with. At NovaGenix in Stuart/Jupiter Florida, our erectile dysfunction treatments are over 97% successful, and our patients can rekindle their love lives and enjoy a health sex life, like they used to have. At NovaGenix we offer ED or erectile dysfunction, treatment solutions that are highly effective in both aging men or men who are suffering from “impotence”. If you have decided that enough’s enough, then contact us today to schedule a consultation for help with Erectile Dysfunction in Martin county. The fact is, this will not reverse itself on its own, and help is easy…you just have to pick up the phone.
The first step in treating sexual dysfunction for men is to speak with our physician and medical team who will answer all of your questions about erectile.
Our erectile dysfunction cures are customized to meet your unique needs so that you can enjoy sex again.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

With having performed several thousand PRP injections, the NovaGenix medical team have the experience that you’re looking for when choosing the best PRP clinic in the Stuart, Florida area. We offer South Florida patients Platelet Rich Plasma injections for both orthopedic and sports injuries. Chronic pain or acute injuries can both be successfully treated. PRP knee injections and plasma therapy for lower back pain are very common, as are treatments for injured/torn shoulders, rotator cuffs, neck, elbows and more. We even offer Cosmetic procedures like PRP injections for face and skin rejuvenation. These procedures have become very popular because they help stimulate the production of collagen and reduce age spots and fill in and smooth out wrinkles. at NovaGenix Stuart /Jupiter we can even offer PRP for hair loss as a non-surgical hair restoration procedure for both men and women who may be experiencing balding, and that want to improve their appearance by having fuller thinker hair. NovaGenix has one of the most experienced doctors performing PRP in the entire state of Florida today. The top rated Martin County/ Palm Beach County Hormone Therapy and Anti Aging clinic helps hundreds of patients look, feel and live better. You’ll have a difficult time finding a doctor who performs platelet rich plasma therapy with more experience than Dr. Tim,. Having studied the medical science behind how PRP injections work, years ago, he began performing PRP years ago and now operates exclusively in South Florida at NovaGenix. Come see the best Stuart/ Hobe Sound/ Jupiter Anti Aging and Hormone Therapy center in the area!

Stem Cell Treatments

There has been much discussion lately about Stem Cell Therapy and the promises of what benefits these cells may provide patients. NovaGenix Anti Aging and Wellness in the Stuart, Florida area can help to provide the answers you need and in certain situations, may be able to offer patients Stem Cell Treatments for select conditions. The science and research on Stem Cells is both overwhelming and very exciting and as regulations and trials being conducted in the United States and abroad have allowed opportunities for patients to receive the treatment which they both want and deserve. NovaGenix Stuart/ Jupiter is compliant with all current state and federal laws regulating Stem Cell therapy and all of the procedures performed at our clinic are 100% compliant with CFR 21 Part 1271 and fall under the very same medical exemptions discussed in 1271.15 (b). There are numerous clinics which make unrealistic claims about what Stem Cell therapy is capable of right now, and it’s important to remember that there’s very few FDA regulated and approved stem cell treatments. Our therapy uses placental or umbilical cord derived cells carefully vetted and tested. NovaGenix operates in the boundaries of current FDA and State regulations regarding use of such therapies.

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