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What Does Testosterone Therapy Do?

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Testosterone, which is a
hormone that is made primarily in the testes and essential for the development
of a male’s growth and masculine characteristics. Testosterone production peaks
during adolescence and early adulthood. After that, it’s bioavailability and
natural levels drop slightly each year at a rate of approximately 1% a year.
plays a significant factor in the production and building of muscle mass and
strong bones. It is also responsible for men’s deeper voices, and it
contributes to male’s “vitality”. Low testosterone levels in a man is called hypogonadism.
Women also
produce testosterone, but in very low amounts. In women, the ovaries and
adrenal glands produce the hormone.

Healthy Heart and Blood

A healthy heart pumps blood throughout the
body, which gives our muscles and organs the oxygen needed for optimal performance.
Low T levels are linked to several
cardiovascular risks. According to the Harvard Medical School, testosterone replacement therapy can
widen the coronary arteries. This possibly can be very helpful for men with
angina, chest pain, and pressure when your heart isn’t receiving enough blood.
Testosterone also can cause a rise in
red blood cell counts, which is an excellent thing if you suffer from anemia
(low red blood cell count). 

Less Fat, More Muscle

Leaner body mass helps keep weight in
balance and increases energy levels. There has been some evidence to suggest
that testosterone treatment can reduce fat and increase muscle mass and
strength. This effect is more significant if one combines treatment with weight
training and exercise.
A recent
 tested 108 men
over the age of 65 and showed that testosterone treatment significantly reduced
body fat, especially in the arms and legs. Those same men all had increases in their
lean mass, mostly in the torso and abdominal area. The men had been treated
with testosterone for 36 months.

Stronger Bones

It’s no surprise that stronger bones
help support your muscles and internal organs, which will help boost your
athletic performance. As we age and our testosterone levels decrease, so does our
bone density. This increases our risk of osteoporosis and the possibility of
fracturing bones. A study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism
showed that older men can improve their bone density by starting a regimen of
testosterone replacement therapy. This is even truer of men who had very low
testosterone levels before beginning therapy. 

“Vitality and Vigor”

Testosterone levels naturally rise in
response to arousal and activity. Testosterone levels fall off during long
periods of abstinence. In turn, more testosterone boosts that certain desire,
continuing the cycle. Testosterone has been shown to have a positive effect on
a man’s drive and performance. Studies have also showed that women are more
attracted to men who have higher levels of testosterone.
Testosterone also affects a woman’s  drive. According to the Mayo Clinic, there’s not a great deal of studies about
long-term safety in women, so doctors are most likely reluctant to prescribe
testosterone to women.

Improved Mood

evidence is quite clear, though, that 
low testosterone significantly affects mood
in hypogonadal males. Multiple studies
using testosterone therapy have shown that testosterone therapy affects mood
favorably. It’s also worth noting, several studies have shown that mood
improves rapidly in a matter of days or weeks rather
than months. For example, one study on Androgel showed that almost all the
improvement in mood happened within 30 days in men on Androgel. Androgel is not
known for really pushing one’s testosterone levels that high.  Men on
injections or pellets will undoubtedly feel even stronger and more rapid
elevations in mood. 
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