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Treating Menopause For Women With BioIdentcal Hormone Therapy. NovaGenix in Palm Beach County, Fl.

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Balancing Hormones With BHRT For Women Can Be Tricky, But Once Optimized The Difference Is Night And Day

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Testing andTreatment

There’s been a significant amount of research and publiciy about
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Fortunately, there have
tremendous advancement in treatment options and medication for treating
menopause symptoms with hormones. Most women don’t even know that there are safe
options for the optimization and balancing of hormones. Bioidentical hormones
have been shown to be highly successful for women seeking to relieve the symptoms
of aging.

Synthetic vs. Bio-IdenticalHormones

The safer choice for our patients is to use hormones identical
to those that a woman make on their own, otherwise known as native estrogens.
(estradiol, estriol, and estrone are the main ones produced in a womens body in
the greatest levels). These hormones are considered bio-identical, are they are
made from yams and soy and once synthesized, they are distributed out of
specialty pharmacies to patients.

Regular Testing and Customized TreatmentPlans

Testing must be a regular protocol for each patient when
starting and undergoing any BHRT program. When one hormone is out of balance,
it can have a domino effect of the entire endocrine system and other hormone
levels often follow suit and begin to fluctuate. When woman’s ovarian reserves start
to decline at perimenopause, their thyroid, adrenal, and other hormones begin to
increase production to make up for the imbalance. Having total hormone optimization
so that the levels are all steady and balanced will ensure better health for a
Regardless of the type of estrogen a woman may be using; they
should be tested at least annually, and be prescribed a program that has the
appropriate-dose estrogen effective for them. Customized treatment programs
need to be customized to each individual, and should determine how each individual
woman’s metabolizes estrogen, progesterone or any other hormones used.

Take Charge of your health

Not only is it beneficial for some woman to supplement their own
hormones to achieve a healthy balance, but women should be aware of the
possible risks from external hormones that they unknowingly may ingest or become
exposed to on a daily basis. Some of these external hormones often include estrogen
mimicking environmental toxins which an be often found in some foods, plastics,
lotions, deodorants, cleaning supplies, antibacterial products, cosmetics,
sunscreens, and more. The list of endocrine disrupting products is truly quite
disturbing and excessive.
Being proactive and well educated is paramount for achieving the
best health possible: getting tested annually, mammograms and breast exams and simple
lifestyle changes will all help contribute to a happier and healthier  person with optimized hormone levels. It takes
a little effort to achieve the results we want and deserve. Whereas as
medication will certainly help on its own, having a few lifestyle changes to
maximize your body’s ability to function will make a significant difference.
Its’ important to seek to an experienced physician who understands the balance needed
and what we can do to ensure a long, happy healthy life. With close to two
decades of experience in BHRT, we strive to help our patients find a natural healthy
balance to their not just their hormones but their lives.

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