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Thyroid Hormone Treatment

Thyroid Treatment in Jupiter

Thyroid Hormone Optimization

Several of the symptoms that we typically associated with the process of aging, can often be caused because of low levels of thyroid hormones.

Some of the symptoms can be misinterpreted so it’s important to get a blood test to have our doctors review your hormone levels.

Symptoms of Low Thyroid can include: ·

Weight gain ·
Lack of motivation ·
Tiredness and lack of energy ·
Thinning hair ·
Menstrual changes in women ·
Aching muscles ·
Greater sensitivity to cold ·
Depression and mood swings

What is The Thyroids Function?

The thyroid is a gland that is a butterfly-shaped organ which is located just behind the Adams Apple. It responsible for releasing hormones which control our metabolism, or how our bodies use energy.

Thyroid hormones regulate several vital functions which include: ·
Heart rate ·
Breathing ·
Central nervous system function ·
Peripheral nervous systems function ·
BMI and Body weight ·
Strength and muscle mass ·
Female’s Menstrual cycles ·
Core body temperature ·
Metabolism and cholesterol levels

Thyroid Treatment Options

The NovaGenix Medical team are experts in testing, diagnosing and treatment of low thyroid issues. Our customized Thyroid treatment in Jupiter offers Programs that start with comprehensive lab tests to help provide a more clear picture of your thyroid levels, specifically for the hormones

Triiodothyronine (T3)
Thyroxine (T4)

If your labs tell us that your levels are low, we can design a program to keep your thyroid hormones optimized to fight the unwanted symptoms of aging. Our program may include prescription medication such as bioidentical thyroid replacement hormones, as well as recommendations for supplements, modifications in diet, and lifestyle, all designed to keep you looking and feeling your best. Weight Management in Jupiter through Thyroid treatment can change your life to help you live healthier and happier. Hypothyroid Therapy in Palm Beach helps patients with sub-optimal hormonal functioning to start feeling better, lose weight and improve their health.

Video From The Dr.s Discussing The Thyroid

Here’s a video from the Dr’s discussing Thyroid functioning and how important it is to get it checked out from a professional like the medical team at NovaGenix, in Jupiter, Florida.


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