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Special Offer: $99 Labs for Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Lab Review

Limited Time Offer. $99 Labs for Testosterone Therapy

Any man who is curious as to what their testosterone levels are can get a simple blood test through NovaGenix. You’ll get a total (serum) testosterone test as well as a screening for free testosterone. We also test for estradiol, a PSA a CBC and CMP. For only $99 we can get you tested and for a limited time will offer a FREE initial consultation to review your blood work with our physician Dr. Mackey. The process is simple. Click this link to fill out a new patient intake form and once received we will reach out to send you a blood requisition form that you can take into any LabCorp location. (excluding NY, NJ, RI, MD)

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Once we receive the results, we will be able to schedule an online consultation with our physician to go over your Labs for Testosterone Replacement Therapy and send you a copy of the results.

Getting Testosterone Levels Tested

The problem that we hear from many of our patients is that their primary care physicians refuse to check their testosterone levels, even though they ask their doctor to get this blood work done. Often we hear from men that they would ask their PCP’s to run their testosterone levels only to be denied in a dismissive manner being told things like “you’re a healthy male, there’s no need to check” or “There’s nothing you can do to control it so don’t worry about it… Its in your head.” At the very least its good to have reference points throughout one’s life to measure and compare natural declining hormone levels as one ages. Its your body…you have the right to know this information. We can help.

Historically the normal reference range for serum testosterone is 250 ng/dL to 1,100 ng/dL, but this includes men of all ages. Testosterone levels begin to decline steadily starting around the early to mid 20’s in most men. Remembering that testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day and the fact that they are usually highest in the morning or after working out, you will probably want to do the blood test in the morning to see you levels at their highest.

Why Test for Testosterone?

In men, a testosterone blood test can help a patient find the reasons for sexual problems, like reduced libido or sex drive or erectile dysfunction, fatigue, increased weight gain, decreased muscle mass, depression, poor sleep quality and more.

Low Testosterone Symptoms
A list of some of the more common symptoms of low testosterone includes;

⦁ Feeling tired, lack of energy and fatigue
⦁ Decreased libido and sex drive
⦁ loss of lean muscle mass
⦁ Mod swings and irritability
⦁ Feelings of anxiety or depression
⦁ Lack of self confidence
⦁ Poor sleep quality

There are many other possible reasons for these symptoms of Low Testosterone besides age. Alcohol and narcotics use, some congenital medical disorders, testicular cancer, and chronic medical conditions like diabetes and obesity can disrupt the endocrine system. Stress and lack of sleep may also contribute heavily to decreased testosterone levels.

Why Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?
Many men who have the signs of low testosterone seek help and benefit from testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Testosterone Replacement Therapy is an excellent option for men with Low T Symptoms. FDA approved and regulated testosterone therapy can help improve the low testosterone issues that men can experience and when monitored by a doctor, is quite safe and effective.

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