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Quit Smoking in 2018 Anti-Smoking Programs in Palm Beach at NovaGenix Jupiter.

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of January 2018 Novagenix is offering Smoking
as part of their services!

You need to quit.  If not for you then think of your family without you.  Or worse, having a o take care of you while you’re sick with COPD or cancer. There is no better time than immediate stay when it comes to smoking. Auriculotherapy is a treatment option gaining in popularity. Most people have no clue what it is…I didn’t before I met Erica. I thought she was full of crap at first  until I started to overhear her patients. I still Hce a hard time wrapping my head around HOW it works but at this juncture, I’m a believer and as it turns out, Auriculotherapy has been proven to actually work. If you’ve tried to quit, only to start smoking again with a few days or weeks, then you need to look into alternatives, as this can help improve your health and save your life! This program will be provided by Erica Martina. She is a licensed Acupuncturist,
Shiatsu Practitioner and Hypnotist and has helped many people quit smoking and
deal with anxiety, stress and pain. She uses a combination of modalities to
help people quit smoking forever. Her results have been tremendous and she is now bringing her years of
expertise to NovaGenix to help patients start 2018 off right, by improving their health. The facts are, (according to WHO statistics) Tobacco kilsl up to half its users. More than 7 million people die from tobacco annually. More than 6 million are from DIRECT tobacco use, while the rest are from second hand some exposure. Now’s a great time to think about the benefits of quitting. Unfortunately its hard to quit smoking  on your own,  and that’s where Erica comes in. 
Martina uses several techniques to help someone quit smoking and coaches the
client though this process.
One HAS To Be Ready To Quit.

one has to be “ready” to quit; someone
can be on a conscious level  ready to
quit but may have many subconscious reasons to want to fail.
is very important that both the conscious and subconscious mind are agreeing with
wanting and being able to quit this habit.
will use a technique called “Emotional
” to address this situation and prepare the client to want to quit
smoking forever.
first week a client will be confronted with the withdrawal symptoms of quitting
nicotine, Erica uses a technique called Auriculotherapy
 to help with the withdrawal symptoms
such as strong cravings, irritability, depression , aggression anxiety, lack of
concentration, insomnia etc.

Acupuncture To Help Stop Smoking

Acupuncture will also be used for
general relaxation and to strengthen the functions of liver and lungs.
the treatment you will also be using homeopathic
One remedy helps detox for tobacco and nicotine and one that supports
the system in regards to cravings and also provides emotional support.
Guarantees this treatment for 1 year, meaning: She will be available in case
someone has cravings again or if someone feels they might fall back or even If
someone smoked again. She will then provide a booster treatment, which is 5
consecutive treatments with Auriculotherapy and or “Emotional Balance” , depending
on what the situation is and what will serve the client the best.
someone starts this process, follows the guidelines and does the work necessary
for the brain to adjust to being a non smoker, there is  absolutely no reason to fail.

you are committed to breaking this habit and believe you would benefit from
this holistic process, please call Erica Martina at
561-379-7778 or email ericamartina@aol.com
for a free 15 minute consultation.

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