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Palm Beach County Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment and Erectile Dysfunction Therapy.

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BHRT: Hormone Therapy Clinic in Jupiter. NovaGenix Anti Aging

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or TRT for men who
suffer from low testosterone has been shown, time and time again, to produce
positive benefits for patients with minimal side effects. The benefits are both
physical and mental and can drastically improve the w=quality of a patient’s life.
Increase lean body
mass. Build and tone muscle.
Testosterone replacement therapy produces
a moderate increase in lean body mass for men with low testosterone.
 TRT users can typically gain between
three and six pounds of lean muscle mass in the first six months of treatment. Reduce body fat mass. Eliminate
extra belly fat and love handles.
Testosterone therapy produces
a moderate decrease in fat mass, especially abdominal fat mass, in elderly men
with low testosterone.
Typical fat loses for patients range between five to ten pounds
in the first six months of TRT Treatments.
Increase bone mineral
density and possibly reduce the effects of osteoporosis.
shows that the benefits of testosterone therapy include the slowing or even
reversing of the loss of bone mineral density due to decreased testosterone
levels associated with aging
Improve sexual
function and performance as well as increase libido.
are two essential elements of sexual function: tactile sensation (physical
touch) and mental stimulation (thoughts and visual images).     


      When given to men with low testosterone, TRT increases sexual thoughts and sexual desire, hence
the improved libido

Improve mood and
well-being, mental clarity and focus.
Low T can be associated with
behavioral changes which include swings in mood and well-being as well as
chronic depression. Because of the association between lower t-levels and
decreased mood, it makes sense that testosterone benefits mood and well-being
which is what most patients report.
Some patients will see noticeable changes within the first few
weeks, but most effects begin to take place over the first few months. Learn
more about these benefits by visiting our website.

TRT therapy has become widely excepted as more research and
studies has proven its efficacy and safeness. It’s important to have a thorough
exam and consultation with a physician who is experienced in this type of therapy.
As long as your team keeps you within normal physiological ranges, the risks
are minimal and benefits are substantial. People have completely changed their
lives and improved the way they live as a result of this type of treatment.
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