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Will I build Muscle If I Start Testosterone Therapy?

One of the questions we often receive from perspective patients is “Will starting testosterone therapy help build muscle?”

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Men who being Low T therapy will be able to build lean muscle and increase strength considerably by increasing testosterone levels.

To answer this question, we try to help educate men on the role that Testosterone plays in the body. Produced by the testes, testosterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in protein synthesis and muscle building. Besides the development of male reproductive tissues, it also helps develop secondary sexual characteristics such as bone mass density, hair growth as well as the growth of muscle.  In regards to what’s known as an anabolic effect from being on TRT, testosterone will help build muscle strength and mass. Therapeutic testosterone therapy is different from steroid use in that androgenic anabolic steroids are a class of drugs that are structurally very similar to testosterone with similar effects in the body but are mainly used to stimulate the growth of lean muscle, increase strength and burn excess fat. There are many detrimental effects that taking large amounts of synthetic androgens/testosterone could potentially have on a male, especially when being taken long-term. Therapeutic testosterone replacement therapy is extremely safe and beneficial when prescribed by a licensed and experienced physician knowledgeable in hormone replacement therapy.

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When it comes to building muscle, men are all unique and respond differently to testosterone in regards to muscle growth. When testosterone interacts with muscle, it comes into contact with androgen receptor’s. Androgen receptor’s respond to testosterone by signaling the muscle cells to increase the output and rate that new muscle protein is synthesized. When being on Testosterone for a significant amount of time, this will increase muscle protein synthesis causing for larger, stronger lean muscle development in males that are on TRT.  As it turns out, the patients who developed the most muscle are not always the ones with the highest testosterone levels however they are patients who have more androgen receptors in their muscles than men on testosterone who are not capable of gaining the same amount. In short, they are capable of better utilizing the bioavailable testosterone in their body than other patients. So it’s not the amount of testosterone that a patient has which might predict the total muscle gain one can expect but rather how sensitive a patient is and how many androgen receptors they do have. In a study published by the national library of medicine, and the New England Journal of medicine from 1996, It was found that men who combined weight training just three days a week with testosterone injections were able to gain 13 pounds of muscle and only 10 weeks. Now the amount of testosterone they were given is typically more than therapeutic doses so their levels were considerably higher, but it’s proof enough that Testosterone when combined with strength training will cause a dramatic and significant increase in strength, lean muscle mass and help burn unwanted fat in men.

When testosterone levels are in the upper ranges, there’s enough evidence to show the body will increase proteins synthesis and muscle development whereas when levels are below normal ranges, the process of gaining muscle mass is extremely slow and in some cases grind to a halt. Testosterone levels will fluctuate throughout the day, season and certainly decline with age. Surprisingly women also have and need testosterone in order to maintain optimal health, but because their levels are so much lower than men’s, you’ll notice that the typical females muscle density, strength and mass are significantly lower than their male counterpart.

The only way to determine your serum and free testosterone levels would be to get tested. Getting a baseline when you’re early may be beneficial in helping watch for any age related decline in your hormones. When appropriate, testosterone replacement therapy to bring a patient back within physiological ranges may be warranted. This may improve just the development of strength and muscle size but improve other areas of a man’s health such as energy, sleep quality, Romantic drive, performance, mood and more.  If someone is more confident, motivated, has the energy and drive, they may need to engage in healthy activities such as diet and exercise which will only increase the rate at which muscle can be developed and strength increased.

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Having a licensed and experience physician to guide you through the process of therapeutic TRT is extremely important to ensure that there are no health complications that could occur as could be the case when taking supraphysiological amounts of an androgen such as testosterone.

For patients who are curious about and considering testosterone replacement therapy, we can help them get started by establishing a baseline of hormone levels via bloodwork. We offer discounted labs for free and total testosterone, estradiol, complete blood count and complete metabolic panel as well as a PSA. We can also offer free online telemedicine consultations with our medical director who is an experienced and licensed physician who has been trained practicing hormone replacement therapy and TRT from men with low T for years. Our all inclusive programs make treatment not only effective and affordable but convenient as well as we will have Pharmacy ship all medication and supplies directly to your door. If interested visit us online at, or call/text 561-277-8260.

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