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What You Should Probably Know About Testosterone Replacement Therapy, And Why It Matters.

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TRT therapy in Palm Beach Florida at NovaGenix can help men improve libido in Jupiter
Have you noticed that you have less energy than you
once did? Do you notice an increase in body fat when you look in the mirror and
find that it’s getting tougher to lose those extra pounds than it used to be?
What about a decrease in muscle tone? Do you find that its harder to sleep at
night and that you’re more restless than you once were? Would your spouse say
that you have less interest? What about a lack of focus? Do you find that you
seem increasingly irritable and more depressed? These are all signs of low T.
Here are few things to know
Hormone therapy for men in Jupiter at NovaGenix HRT clinic can raise T levels so that the men feel like they did when they were younger

Testosteronereplacement therapy is as an area of medicine that your primary care physician
is probably not a specialist in. Having a physician with extensive experience
in vital and will ensure optimal results. Because TRT is such a specialized
area of medicine, that you see more specialty clinics. The reason being that
these physicians are more capable of administering and monitoring a patient
undergoing TRT than one with minimal experience.

Low T doctor in Jupiter at NovGenix to elevate testosterone levels with HRT in Palm Beach for men with hypogonadism

TRT, when administered by an experienced physician, has
very few negative side effects. Although it’s contraindicated for men with
pre-existing prostate cancer. Make sure to discuss all possible side effects
with your physician during your initial consult.

Some benefits can be observed almost immediately, while
some others may take longer. Vitality can improve in only a few short
weeks. So can depression, however the loss of body fat and an increased muscle mass
will take a few months to plateau. Most people however WILL notice a marked
improvement rapidly and feel like a new man in just a short period of time.

low t can affect men in many ways, but novagenix hrt in jupiter can improve sexual health, mental wellbeing and quality of life

A “normal” testosterone reading can be
misleading. It is important to have your total, free and bioavailable testosterone
measured to get a more accurate understanding of your overall hormonal health.
Whatever your levels are now don’t show a trend unless you know what your
levels were years ago. So unless you have been tracking your T levels since you
were in your 20’s, your lab results may not indicate how much your testosterone
levels have actually declined and for how long. A reading of 500 ng/dl
seem that low on the surface but if you used to be at 1000 ng/dl, one could say
you’re significantly low.

men with low hormone levels can get prescription testosterone from an anti aging doctor in our Jupiter mens wellness center in Palm Beach at NovagenixTestosterone replacement therapy (TRT) should be considered
when evaluating the symptoms, not necessarily the blood values. If you a
chronic lack of energy, gain fat easily, find it difficult gaining muscle
(despite being on a weight training regimen), have reduced “vitality”, and feel
depression quite often, TRT may benefit you greatly. Often physicians will treat
the symptoms and prescribe a medication for depression, weight loss and
sleeplessness. These prescription drugs have many negative side effects are
often costly and only mask the symptoms. Bio-Identical hormone replacement
therapy is a way to treat the underlying reason for these symptoms and have
results that will make a huge improvement in the quality of life of the men who
are on TRT.

You have multiple choices in how you can treat low T. There
are creams, patches, implanted pellets yet, testosterone injections give you
the best results. Ultimately you will need to decide what method best suits
your lifestyle.  

In general, low testosterone, or hypogonadism, has
mostly been a problem for middle age men (and older). A study in 2006 reported 39%
of men over the age of 45 suffer from testosterone deficiency. A separate study
stated that while 13 million men in the United States might suffer from low
testosterone, less than 10% get treatment.

Those numbers may be high, and reflect only the men who
were clinically deficient and had been tested for their levels. It does not
consider the millions of men whose lab tests say they may be either within
normal levels or had not been tested for T deficiency despite showing symptoms.

Jupiter Florida is home to NovaGenix, anti aging and men's wellness which offers TRT and HRT

It also does not take into consideration the men who
don’t typically get their T levels tested because they are in their 20’s or 30’s
and don’t make the connection between their symptoms and their T levels.
Millions of them are probably deficient as well. Not just because of aging, but
most likely due to environmental estrogens, pituitary and T reducing chemicals that
we use every day.

It’s been reported that the testosterone levels of
today’s average man is potentially half of what their grandfather’s was at the
same point in life several decades ago.

For information
of how to get tested and to schedule a consultation to learn more about hormone
replacement therapy, please call us at
561-277-8260 or email us at info@novagenix.org.
Our expert medical staff will be glad to answer all of
your questions and help you decide if TRT is right for you.

anti aging and hormone replacement therapy in Jupiter Florida at NovaGenix

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