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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Programs in Palm Beach at NovaGenix. Jupiter Low T Clinic

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Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a medical protocol for
men who have been tested and have low testosterone levels. A patient will come
in to see the doctor and have a physical exam, and consultation and then get
their lab work done to test their bloods hormone concentration for their total
and free testosterone, PSA, estrogen levels and more. TRT has consistently been
shown to have extremely positive health benefits with only a minimal risk of
side effects. Furthermore, the benefits of testosterone therapy can be both
physical and mental, helping patients not just look better but feel better as
well. The therapeutic restoration of testosterone levels to be within the
normal range by using TRT has been shown to:
  • Significantly increase one’s lean
    body mass
  • Drastically decrease an individual’s fat mass
  • Increase bone mineral density
  • Improve reproductive functioning
  • Improve one’s mood and well-being

Where some benefits will start to appear in the first month of
therapy, most effects begin to take place over the first few months. Each
patient is different and responds at a slightly different rate, however all
patients benefit from having optimized their testosterone levels. All of these
benefits have made 
replacement therapy usage
significantly over the past few years, and with good reason. Why? Because it
works. TRT is usually well received due to recent published medical studies
showing its efficacy and safety. As long as a patient is under a doctor’s care
and being monitored, TRT is completely safe just as long as testosterone is
kept within normal, physiologic levels. This is why it’s important to have a
qualified and experienced physician who is able to understand your body, your
needs and how TRT protocol should work.

Testosterone replacement therapy produces a reasonable increase
in lean body mass (muscle mass) in men with low T. TRT users normally gain
around three to six pounds of lean muscle mass in the first six months of
 As men age, they lose muscle mass,
typically about 0.5 to 1.0% per year after they turn 40. This rate in reduction
becomes much faster after the age of 40 and is much worse if they have low
 Muscle contributes a significant amount to an individual’s
resting metabolism. Therefore, any loss in muscle will slow down the resting
 Once T levels are stabilized within normal
range, some increases in muscle mass typically start to taper off. This
stabilization often occurs after around six months of treatment. You will look
lean and tone, and feel amazing.
Testosterone therapy also produces a moderate decrease in body
fat, especially abdominal fat mass, in elderly men with low T. Typical fat loss
will range anywhere between five to ten pounds in the first six months of TRT
treatment. So you will not see a significant change in weight, but rather a
real change in BMI. You will have more muscle and less fat. You will feel
energized and stronger with more focus. You will in short, feel like a new man.
Most patients are reporting an incredible turn around in just a few weeks of
having started at NovaGenix.

As men age, they typically will gain fat mass, especially abdominal
(otherwise known as visceral) fat. Besides giving you an unwanted gut and love
handles, this increase in fat increases the incidence and risk of
cardiovascular problems. TRT for men with low levels can keep you thinner and
healthier since long-term studies consistently show a decrease in fat mass and
men at healthier weight suffer fewer chronic health conditions,
TRT can help improve your health so that you
live BETTER, longer. You deserve to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle and love
life well into your later years. We can help you look, live and feel your best.
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