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Treatment for Low sex drive in women

Low sex drive in women

Treatment Options in Jupiter, Florida at NovaGenix to help women improve their libido

A women’s sexual desire will naturally fluctuate over the years as she gets older. Often things like major life changes or relationships beginning or ending can play a role in the highs or lows they may experience concerning their libido. Things like medications, stress, illness, menopause or pregnancy may cause a drop in sexual interest whereas a major event like a marriage, career promotion or new relationship may cause a significant increase in sex drive.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, known as (HSDD) is a serious issue for women characterized by a lack of interest in sex and may eventually lead to personal distress and relationship problems. You don’t need a doctor’s diagnosis to treat HSDD. Generally, if one feels that they wish they would be more interested in sex, there are many options to help increase libido including lifestyle changes nd sexual techniques that may put an individual in a more sexual mood more frequently. There are also several medications that have been shown to work wonders.

Low Sex Drive Treatment options in Jupiter, Florida at NovaGenix

The Symptoms of Low Sex Drive

I know this seems obvious but If you want to have sex less often than your partner does, you may be considered as having a low sex drive, when neither you or your partner is necessarily outside the normal ranges for people at the same age and stage in life.

There is no number to define low sex drive as it varies from one women to the next.

Some symptoms of low sex drive in women can include:

·         Having zero interest in any kind of sexual activity, which includes masturbation.

·         Not having sexual fantasies or thoughts, or rarely having them.

·         Having a general concern by a lack of sexual fantasies or activity.

What are the symptoms of Low Sex Drive in women?


Patients may be diagnosed with a hypoactive sexual desire disorder when they lack sexual thoughts or desire, and the absence of these feelings causes personal distress. Whether you fit this medical diagnosis or not, your doctor can look for reasons that your libido/sex drive isn’t as high as you’d like it to be and to help find ways to improve the situation.

In a typical office consultation, the medical staff and/or physician may ask you questions about your medical and sexual history. The more information one shares with the doctor, the more accurate his diagnosis and possible treatment can be. The doctor may also have you:

·         Performing a pelvic exam. When conducting a pelvic exam, the doctor may check for signs and symptoms of physical changes which may be contributing to a decreased libido and sexual desires. Some symptoms could include thinning of genital tissue, vaginal dryness and even scars or lesions and/or pain-triggering areas/spots.

·         Recommend blood testing. Often, doctors will order blood tests to rule out and possible hormonal conditions. By checking hormone levels like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone and looking for possible thyroid problems, high cholesterol diabetes, and liver disorders, the doctor will get a clear picture of your endocrinological health.

·         Refer you to a specialist. A sex therapist or counselor also may be able to provide valuable insight and evaluate possible emotional and relationship issues and factors that might cause low sex drive in females.

Treatment of Low Sex drive in women in South Florida

When you should see a doctor because of a low sex drive

For women who may be concerned by their low desire for sexual activity, thoughts or desires, one may want to start by talking to their doctorIt may be a simple solution such as changing a prescribed medication or supplement that one is taking, or by improving chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure, obesity or diabetes.

Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women.

A woman’s sex drive can be based on a myriad of physical and psychological issues and interactions. Libido and intimacy can be affected by the interplay of such things including the woman’s physical and emotional well-being, her past and present experiences, personal beliefs (including religious), lifestyle choices, and certainly their current relationship partner and status. For women who are experiencing issues in any of these particular areas, it may affect their sex drive and desire for sexual activity.

Physical causes of low sex drive in women

There is a very large range of physical issues like chronic illness, disease, physical change, aging and both over the counter and prescription medications which may cause a lack of interest in sex and a low sex drive, which can include:

·         Physical Sexual problems. If there is pain during sexual activity or if a woman can’t achieve an orgasm, it typically will lead to a decrease in their desire for sex. This could be due to physical changes in the female genitals, the physical anatomy of their partner or even sexual techniques being used during intimacy.

·         Medical diseases leading to low sex drive. There are wide variety of nonsexual diseases which often affect a female’s sex drive, which may include coronary artery disease, heart disease, lichen sclerosis, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, or neurological diseases like Parkinson’s or MS.

·         Medications can cause low sex drive in women. There are some prescription drugs, especially selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) especially antidepressants which have been shown to lower sex drive and libido.

·         Lifestyle habits can lower sex drive. Often, we use alcohol as a crutch to help ease anxiety and relax and it is often consumed on dates and is thought to loosen inhibitions however for some women, drinking too much may affect their sex drive. The same can be said about any other recreational drugs. Also, smoking cigarettes is a vasoconstrictor which decreases the blood flow to the vagina and clitoris, which may sexual intercourse less enjoyable and interfere with arousal.

·         Surgery may reduce a woman’s sex drive. When women undergo procedures or surgery near their genitals or breasts, it could affect their body image, sexual functioning and/or libido and desire for sexual intimacy.

·         Fatigue can cause a decrease in sexual desire. Being tired seems to go with being a parent. If you work full time and then come home to take care of a family, its probably a safe bet to say they one may be tired. This will play a major role in decreasing a woman’s sex drive.  Being fatigued from a disease or illness or medial procedures can also play a role in a decreased libido.

No sex drive in women

Treatment options for women suffering from no libido

Hormone changes affect sex drive in women

Changes in women’s hormone levels often affect libido and desire for sexual activity. This will often occur:

·         Menopause. This is a difficult time for women and estrogen levels typically drop during the transition into menopause. This may make women less interested in having sex and will sometimes cause women to suffer vaginal dryness, which may result in uncomfortable and even painful sex. Most women will still have a healthy and fulfilling sex life during menopause and years after, but many will experience a decreased libido during this time of hormonal changes.

·         Pregnancy and breast-feeding may cause a decreased sex drive. When women become pregnant, they undergo significant hormone changes., After having a baby women may be physical sore and fatigued for a while and while they are breast-feeding there may be a noticeable decline in their desire for making love and being intimate, which is understandable and normal. Taking care of a newborn and the tiredness that comes with it, physical changes in their body and the emotional highs and lows that come with it , as well as the stress of pregnancy and overwhelming nature of having to take care of a new baby may also contribute to noticeable in a female’s sexual desire and libido.

Treating low sexual desires in women at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

Get help for low sex drive in Jupiter, Florida at NovaGenix

Psychological causes of low sex drive in women

Often under looked, a major cause of sexual dysfunction in women is related to their psychological state. A woman’s emotional and psychological well being will significantly affect their sex drive. There’s many psychological issues which can cause low sex drive, which may include:

·         Mental health conditions like as anxiety or depression and the medications that ar associated with treatment.

·         Stress is a major factor, whether it be money, relationship, health family or work related.

·         Having poor body image often results in fear of intimacy.

·         Having low self-esteem is significant issue and may be caused by several factors.

·         A past history of abuse, both physical or sexual is a common cause.

·         Past experiences sexual experiences that were negative, may seriously influence your expectations for the future.

No libido in women

Medical treatment for low sex drive in women

Relationship issues

With lots of women, the most important part of sexual activity involves the emotional closeness and relationship they have with their partner. Often, problems in a relationship will be a big factor in causing a reduced/lower sex drive which is understandable. When women has a lower interest in sexual activity it can sometimes be attributed to many issues, like:

·         Not feeling emotionally connected with your partner

·         Fights or issues that are left unresolved

·         Not effectively communicating one’s sexual needs and things they prefer.

·         Mistrust in the relationship.

helping women with no sexual arousal

Medications and treatment for low sexual arousal in women

Treatments for low sex drive in women.

The majority of women who start a treatment approach will benefit due to the complexity of solving sexual dysfunction. These approaches will typically be aimed at the multitude of causes surrounding their condition. Several common recommendations might include sex education, sex therapy/counseling, and even medication and HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

Sex education and counseling to help low sex drive

Meeting with a sex therapist who is experienced in dealing with sexual problems can often help with a woman’s low sex drive. Therapy can sometimes include educating women about their sexual response and certain techniques which may help. Informational material like video’s and books may be recommended as well. Couples sexual counseling might also address relationship issues which can also help to increase feelings of desire and intimacy and hopefully improve their sexual life.

Medications to help with low sex drive in women

A doctor generally should start by reviewing the current lists of medications a patient is currently taking and see if there are any that may cause sexual side effects. Some examples would be with antidepressants like Prozac or Paxil which can negatively affect a woman’s sex drive. Changing medications can potentially alleviate the symptoms of HSDD. Some women have had positive experiences with low doses of medications like or which are generic versions of Viagra and Cialis, as these PDE-5 inhibitors increase blood from to the genitals and increase sensitivity and arousal.


Low interest in sex for women is more common than one thinks. NovaGenix can help

Hormone therapy

As women get older or undergo hormonal changes, they may experience a decrease in libido as well as other issues with fatigue and even physical changes like vaginal trophy and dryness. These may all make sex painful of uncomfortable and, may reduce sexual desire. Hormone replacement therapy for women can be a good solution for many women.  Estrogen replacement may help relieve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy which can help one area, but estrogen alone won’t improve sexual functioning that may be related to HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder).

Estrogen can be prescribed in several forms, that may include pills, patches, troches, creams and gels. It’s important to speak to the doctor about the possible risks and benefits of each form to decide if its right for you.

Testosterone replacement which is typically known a s a male hormone, is actual not only found in women but plays a very important role. It occurs naturally in all women and will play a very important role in the sexual function of women. For treating sexual dysfunction in women it’s often prescribed as an off-label medication to help increase sexual desire and libido in women. Once again, speak to your physician about the benefits and risks of any medication, but low doses of testosterone for women who are deficient, may be a very useful approach and form of treatment.

treating women with no interest in sex in Jupiter, Florida

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Lifestyle Solutions to Treat Low Sex Drive in Women

Changes in a woman’s lifestyle can make a significant difference in their desire for sex:

·         Exercising. It’s be shown that aerobic exercise and resistance/strength training can help increase stamina as well as improve body image, lift your mood and boost your libido.

·         Reduce Stress. Finding better ways to deal with and reduce stress, from work of financial problems can help improve your sex drive.

·         Communication with your sexual partner. Couples that can communicate openly and honestly often maintain stronger emotional bonds, which usually lead to better sex lives and intimacy. Communicating openly about sex is extremely important for couples. Learning about your partners likes as well as dislikes is important for achieving greater sexual encounters.

·         Make time for intimacy.  Make intimacy a top priority. Schedule time to engage with your partner so that you can help put your love life and sex drive as a priority and look forward to intimate moments.

·         Experiment with your sex life. Do some research and try different sexual positions every now and then. Perhaps making love a different time of the day or even at a different spot/location may add a little spark to your love making. Talk to your partner about spending some more time on things like foreplay for a change of pace. When a couple are open to trying new things and experimentation, things like sex toys and role play/fantasy may help improve sexual desires.

·         Make better lifestyle choices. Things like smoking cigarettes, using illegal recreational drugs and drinking excessive alcohol may all lower your sex drive. Avoiding these activities may just give your libido a boost as well as improve your overall health and wellness.

You are not alone and we can help treat your sexual dysfunction

Help for Low Sex Drive in Women in Jupiter, Florida at NovaGenix

Having a low sex drive can be very difficult for women and their partners and may cause problems in their overall relationship as a result. This is common. It’s quite natural and understandable to feel frustrated or depressed when you a facing this situation.

Also, having low sex drive and decreased interest in sex can often make a woman’s partner feel unwanted and rejected, which may lead to relationship problems which snowballs and often further reduces one’s desire for sex.

It’s important to understand that fluctuations in one’s sex drive are a normal part in all people, in all relationships and in every stage of peoples lives. It’s not healthy to direct and focus all your attention on sex, but instead, take the time to improve yourself, your happiness and health and your relationship. Quite often, the improvement in sex drive will come naturally after.

Prepare for your appointment at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

To help a patient with their low sex drive, it’s important for the doctor to get the entire picture and patients need to be open and candid about their sexual concerns.

To help your doctor and to prepare for this appointment:

·         Write down any sexual issues and concerns you’re having, include specific information like what, when and how frequently they occur.

·         List all of your important medical information, including all or any chronic medical conditions that you’re being treated for and list all medications you’re taking, including vitamins and supplements you’re taking, which may cause complications with one’s sex drive.

·         Write down any questions you may want to ask your doctor. Bring a list so that you don’t forget anything that may be a concern and write down information that the doctor addresses so that you can benefit from their experience.

Some questions you may want to ask/address:

·         What might be causing my issues?

·         Can my libido ever get back to where It used to be?

·         What changes in my lifestyle could I make to improve my sex drive?

·         What treatment might be available to help my sex drive?

Questions the doctor might ask you

The doctor may ask questions about your symptoms you’re recommend blood work to determine your hormonal levels. Some questions a doctor could ask include:

·         What are your sexual concerns?

·         Have you noticed that your interest in sex has changed?

·         Do you notice any difficulty with becoming aroused?

·         Are you experiencing vaginal dryness?

·         Do you have difficulty achieving an orgasm?

·         Are you experiencing pain or discomfort when having sex?

·         How much distress are your sexual concerns causing you?

·         How long has this been a problem?

·         Do you still have menstrual cycle?

·         Have you ever been diagnosed or treated for any forms of cancer?

·         Did you ever have a gynecological surgery?


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